At Darwin Caravans, we pride ourselves on having extensive knowledge of every product on offer at our Pinelands display yard. Many of our staff have RVs of their own, so they’ll be happy to pass on any advice they can from travelling all over this beautiful country.

We’ve compiled some of our most commonly requested questions below, but you can always call us on 08 8932 4252 for anything else you need to know.

If for any reason you can’t take your new vehicle right away, our team can deliver it to your home or business. This can be locally throughout Darwin or out to Katherine, Nhulunbuy, Alice Springs or Kununarra. Delivery fees may apply.

Yes, if you have a full caravan with a heavy load it’s important to distribute the weight as evenly as possible. Uneven distribution can cause a whiplash effect when travelling at high speeds, affecting stability and steering. Best practice is to centre most of the weight midway, over the axels.

Like most passenger vehicles, caravans require regular servicing to stay roadworthy and help prevent significant faults. These should be carried out annually or at every 10,000km, whichever is first. Even if your vehicle is sitting idle for most of the year, we still recommend having a professional mechanic service it.

While all of our caravans are equipped with sturdy suspension and tyres, they are not technically off-road vehicles. They will be able to handle most dirt roads, but uneven terrain, hard landings, deep water and potholes may damage your van. Driving your van in these conditions may also void your warranty.

As long as your repairer is an official servicing agent for the manufacturer of your caravan or camper, then all costs will be covered. Darwin Caravans is a registered service agent for Kokoda, Windsor and Coromal Caravans.

Please note that the scope of work covered by warranties varies between manufacturers.